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The Club:

The MacKillop judo club in Canberra was created in 2018 by Stephanos Georgiadis.

The club operates at St Mary MacKillop’s Wanniassa/Padua Campus.  

Our sessions cater for all levels of athletes, from beginners to international competitors and Olympians.

Our members range from judoka that come to training once a week to learn judo and keep fit, to members of the national level competitors who train every day.

The Head Coach:

Stephanos Georgiadis is the Head coach of MacKillop Judo club.

Stephanos is a former National champion and international competitor/medallist when he represented Australia and Greece in the world level competitions. 

Stephanos has been studying judo for over 39 years, first as student/competitor and after his graduation from university, as a judo instructor for over 24 year.


He has a University Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and Science, he is a PE and a classroom teacher and one of the most qualified Judo coaches in Australia.


Stephanos is passionate about the development of the youth not only in judo but also as useful members of our society.

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