Coach Stephanos Georgiadis 


Stephanos is a former Australian and Greek National champion and representative of both countries at world level competitions. 

He is Go (5th) Dan black belt, an accredited referee and coach, National Level Kata instructor and judge and also holds tertiary qualifications in teaching and physical education.



  • Go Dan (5th Dan) International Judo Federation and Judo Australia (JA)

  • Yon Dan Kodokan

  • Bachelor Degree of Physical Education and Science

  • Level 2 Coach - International Judo Federation

  • Judo Coach - Coaching Accreditation Framework - JA

  • National Level Kata and Grading Black Belt Examiner - JA

  • State level A Judo Referee - JA

  • AFP Police Clearance

  • Working With Vulnerable People registered

  • Senior First Aid Certificate

Instructor Ras Ranthilaka


With his Ni (2nd) Dan black belt and with his international level competition experience, Ras brings a diverse judo background in our sessions.

Ras has been Sri Lanka’s National Champion and member of the National team from 1991 to 1996. 

Ras was selected as one of the ACT's squad coaches to prepare the state team for the 2019 National Judo competition.


  • Ni Dan (2nd Dan) - IJF and Judo Australia (JA)

  • Sho Dan (1st Dan) - Kodokan and JA 

  • International Judo Federation Instructor Level 1

  • Judo Coach - JA Coaching Accreditation Framework

  • State Level B Judo Referee - JA

  • Working With Vulnerable People registration

  • Senior First Aid Certificate

Assistant Instructor Steve McGregor


Steve started his judo career in 2015 at the Olympia judo club. 

Since then he has been promoted to the Ni Kyu (Brown belt) and is in trend to be qualified for his Black Belt exams

Steve is ACT’s State level Kata and Grading examiner and member of the Veterans ACT competition team.


  • 1 Kyu (Brown Belt) - Judo Australia (JA)

  • Judo Club Instructor - JA Coaching Accreditation Framework

  • State Level Kata and Grading Examiner - JA

  • State Level B Judo Referee - JA

  • Working With Vulnerable People registered

  • Senior First Aid Certificate